Brian Lee

Designer - Mentor

" I made this course to help Designers like myself get through the hardest part of learning Revit. And to show them that its not as hard as it's made out to be. "
Brian Lee designer and mentor

What is Revit Launch ?

A Revit course for Interior Designers with a curriculum that both introduces newbies to the software and offers a refresher course to those who need it. Learn everything from creating and presenting a floor plan to building a 3D model.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome To Revit Launch

    • Welcome To Revit Launch

    • How to Get your FREE student License!

  • 2

    Getting Started With Revit

    • Revit Computer Checklist

    • Installing Revit + Student Account

  • 3

    Starting Project

    • Lesson1: Starting a Project with Templates

    • Lesson 2: Viewing the Interface _ Designing a Room

    • Lesson 3: Interface Navigation (Moving Tools)

    • Lesson 4: Revit's Properties Tab (level adjustments and wall heights)

    • Lesson 5: Dimension & Annotation Tools

    • Lesson 6: Drafting Tools Part 1 (Move, Copy, Rotate, Modify, Create Similar)

    • Lesson 7: Drafting Tools Part 2 (Trim, Trim Extend, Alignment)

  • 4

    The Floor Plan

    • Lesson 8: Importing Floor Plan & Setting Scale

    • Download Floor Plan

    • lesson 9: Drawing & Modeling Walls

    • Lesson10: Drawing Walls Part 2

    • Lesson 11: Drawing and Modeling Floors

    • Lesson12: adding default doors

    • Lesson 13: Sourcing Doors From Revit's Library and 3rd Party Resources

  • 5


    • Lesson14 Adding Windows


    • lesson16 ROOM & TEXT ANNOTATIONS

    • Lesson 17 Furnishing The Bathroom

    • Lesson 18 Furnishing The Bathroom (Part 2)

    • Lesson19 Bathroom Components

    • Lesson 20 Kitchen Cabinets & How to Edit Family's

    • Lesson 21 Floor Plan presentation With Sheets

    • Lesson 22 Creating Legends

    • Lesson 23 Title Chart

    • Lesson 24 Printing Out A PDF

    • FInal Thoughts

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Revit Launch is a pre requisite to Revit Bootcamp (Included in the membership)

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