Welcome To Revit Launch!

Free beginner Revit training for Interior Designers

This powerful program takes care of all of your drafting needs and, unlike CAD, builds a realistic 3d model simultaneously. Jump into this exciting and powerful software today and learn all the essential tools for interior design. From interface navigation to completed floor plans, to 3d modeling!


What is Revit Launch?

A Revit course for Interior Designers with a curriculum that both introduces newbies to the software and offers a refresher course to those who need it.

Step by Step Classes

During this course you learn the Revit interface, how to set up your workspace, top tools for Interior Design, customizing your workspace, How to create floor plans, architectural models and a lot more

Whats Inside?

  • Learn Dimensions and Annotations
  • Top Drafting Tools
  • How to Add Components
  • Draw a Floor Plan
  • Modeling Floors 
  • annotating your floor plan
  • Plot a floor plan
  • Create Basic Revit Families
  • Shortcuts for interior Designers Worksheet