What is Revit launch?

A Revit course for Interior Designers with a curriculum that both introduces newbies to the software and offers a refresher course to those who need it.

Step By Step Learning

During this course you learn the Revit interface, how to set up your workspace, top tools for Interior Design, customizing your workspace, How to create floor plans, architectural models and alot more.

What You'll Learn

  • Learn Dimensions and Annotations

  • Top Drafting Tools

  • Draw a Floor Plan

  • Plot a floor plan

  • Create Basic Revit Families

  • Shortcuts for Interior Designers

Monthly Subscription

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Your Instructor

Solene Clavel

Senior Revit Instructor

Solene Clavel

After completing her undergraduate education in architecture, Solène began working at a design-build firm in San Diego where she Mastered Revit among other architectural rendering software. Over the following years, she excelled in drawing communication to both clients and industry professionals and has "since taught many frustrated co-workers and curious peers about the endless possibilities of the Revit software." With this knowledge, she has worked in both interior design and architecture firms across the United States and is currently on the path to earn her Masters of Architecture degree. Not only does Solene come to us with decades of experience, but she has also proven to be an amazing teacher and course designer. Solene has designed a workshop that is changing designers lives within a matter of weeks.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome To Revit Launch!!!

    • Important Getting Started Information

    • Revit Launch Shortcuts for interior Designers Worksheet (Download)

    • Revit Launch Families (Download)

    • Follow Along Floor Plan (download)

    • Floor Plan Wall Types

  • 2

    Intro to Revit For Interior Design

    • 1_Introduction to Revit

    • 2_The Revit Interface

    • 3_Navigating the Interface

  • 3

    Essential Revit Tools for Interior Designers

    • Dimensions and Annotations

    • Drafting Tools

    • Adding Components

  • 4

    Drawing the Floor Plan

    • 1_Drawing a Floor Plan

    • 2_Modeling Floors & Graphic Manipulation

    • 3_How to draw in Doors and Windows

    • 4_ annotating your floor plan

    • 5_ components part 1

    • 6_Components Part 2

    • 7_ Scale and Graphics

    • 8_Plotting a floor plan

    • 9_Families - The Basics

    • Assignment

  • 5

    Finalizing your Project

    • Final Design & Rendering Techniques

    • Application

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