What is Sketchup Launch?

There is no doubt that Sketchup is an essential tool for Interior designers to have in their toolset.

Whether your creating custom models for Edesign or working on large scale projects for Architectural firms. Sketchup remains the standard.

Due to it's user-friendly interface and low cost, Sketchup is a great way to go. When paired with 3rd party plugins such as SU Podium and 3d warehouse (we teach both) This software has everything you need from drafting floor plans to producing hyper real renders.

Step by Step Classes

During this course you learn the Sketchup interface, how to set up your workspace, top tools for Interior Design, customizing your workspace, and how to apply basic textures and lighting.

What's Inside the Course

A crash course on 3D modeling for Interior Designers

  • Navigating the Sketchup Interface: Meet Sketchup and understand the layout of the interface and where to find the most important tools for interior design.

  • 3D workflow and modeling tools: Learn basic modeling within Sketchup and the top useful tools that you need to know to model within Sketchup.

  • Modeling Interiors and Floorplans: Learn how to draw floorplans, import CAD files, and add architectural elements such as doors and windows.

  • Joining Our Sketchup Community​: Get daily support through the Facebook group and a designated TA to answer questions.

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Your Instructor

Pro designer with 15+ years of design experience

Brian brings over 15 years of experience as a professional designer across several industries including interior design, visual effects design, multi-media advertising, and Publishing. Mastering Photoshop was essential to his success in these fields and continues to be his leading software for design.

Prior to building and teaching at The Design Cure, Brian was hired to create and teach multiple design courses for education companies such as, Envato Tuts Plus, Plural Sight and Digital Tutors.

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