Welcome To V-Ray Bootcamp!

In this 2 week bootcamp, I’ll be teaching you how to use Vray's amazing rendering capabilities to create beautiful images for your portfolio. .

With short (pre-recorded) videos, I’ll teach you my exact process for creating the high quality, realistic renders that are winning us awesome clients.

(Click here to take a look at what we’ve been working on)

How Does Bootcamp Work?

Inside Bootcamp, you’ll get daily assignments and feedback on any work or questions you choose to submit. 

By the end, you’ll have at least one brand new portfolio piece to share with potential clients.

Course Format

Currently I am teaching this class "on the fly" which means that I'll be releasing new content as I finish recording it each day. My target is to release all content within 2 weeks from the start date. November 1- 14.

That being said, your first lesson is ready and waiting for you on how to install the free trials of Sketchup Pro and Vray. 

From there,  we dive right into into our project!

What you’ll need

-Free trial of Sketchup Pro

-Free trial for V-Ray 

- A PC or Mac Computer 

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Join V-Ray Bootcamp

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome To Bootcamp! How this works..

    • Installing V-Ray

  • 2

    Starting Your Project

    • Lesson 1: Starting Our Project!

    • Lesson 2: Adding a Camera to Your Scene

    • Lesson 3: Modeling Room Details

    • Lesson 4: Modeling Room Details Part 2

  • 3

    VRay Basics

    • Lesson 5: Applying V-Ray Wall Textures

    • Lesson 6: Finishing Room Textures

    • Lesson 7 : Lighting Basics For Furniture Placement

    • Lesson 8: Adding & Adjusting VRay Furniture

    • Lesson 9 : Adding VRay Products to your scene!

  • 4

    Lighting With Vray

    • lesson10: Setting Up For Lighting

    • lesson11_Lightingwithenvironments

    • lesson12_Lightingwithenvironments_part2

    • lesson13_mostcommoninteriorlights

    • lesson14_Vray Light Breakdown

    • lesson15_AddingInteriorLights

  • 5

    Advanced Materials

    • lesson16_Adjusting Fabric

    • lesson17_Retexturing A rug

    • lesson18_ Custom V-Ray Tiles and Shiplap

  • 6

    Final Touches

    • lesson19: Rendering With VRay

    • Lesson20: Adjustment Layers Panel

    • Lesson21: Advanced Vray Lighting (Daylight)

    • Lesson 22: Optimizing Renders for Exporting

    • Lesson 23: Post Production in Photoshop

  • 7

    Portfolio Building

    • Lighting A living room (night scene)

    • Designing and Rendering a Bathroom

    • Creating a Demo Reel With Animated Cameras